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Hello, people!
I'm from Russia and i'm not excellent pupil, so beforehand forgive me my bad English :)
From recent time with DD unites me a great deal.
I watched this movie first time also, as well as many of you a long time ago, but I don't remember, was there at us this movie at theaters or not.
Yes, it was even not DVD, it was CD :)) !
Certainly, I impressionable girl, and this film remained in my memory forever. It has a special atmosphere, wonderful subject, actors, rabbit, and Jake, certainly!
I can be wrong, but on my opinion,in our country, we had not the Director's Cut on sale... Therefore a film left after itself a lot of not clears .
And not so a long time ago happened something bad.
Football for me a great deal means, and in that day Roma (why am I Tottimanka) lost Manchester. 7-1. For me it was shock, really. And in that day I met a wonderful guy. And he looked like Jake, and even probably like Donnie! He suggested to become acquainted. I was crushed. And I said "no". It was a mistake. Very big, very big mistake and now I am so sorry !
Therefore I simply came home and runed DD again. And looked this movie very attentively. Once after time. And almost cried.
So foolishly!
Then in the Internet I discovered that there is a lot of information on some English-speaking sites. And I was staggered. After such long time for me at last a great deal became more clear, than was before!
I must say that for all that the ideas are stunning, and it's perfectly and sorrowfully simultaneously.
I would very like, that all community, which devoted Donnie Darko, to Jake Gyllenhaal did not die and would be renewed.
My name is Ann :)

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