Bounce! (partly_bouncy) wrote in thedonniedarko,

Donnie Darko fandom help

Can anyone help edit the article about the Donnie Darko fandom on Fan History? The timeline is off to a good start but LiveJournal, Bebo and FanFiction.Net dates seem over represented. (Are they actually that big and important in the fandom?) It would be nice to have added a list of influential fanworks, info on any fights in the fandom and to a dictionary of any special terms used in the Donnie Darko fandom. Most of the current contributors on Fan History aren't familiar enough with the fandom to improve it much more. :(

Fan History is also trying to create a directory of Donnie Darko fans. It currently only has 40 articles. It would be nice to see those articles improved or more articles added to the section.
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